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Dark Horse Vintage is an exclusive vintage e- shop, with a wide range of one-of-a-kind vintage collections sourced from all over the world. Be spoiled from a wide range of vintage gems to excite any trendy fashionistas who thrive on quirky and one-off pieces ranging from the swinging 1960s, flower power maxis from the 1970s and a whole range of vintage accessories such as statement  necklaces and clip-on earrings to top-off vintage styling. DHV unique items are specially handpicked and curated for its distinctive style, eye-catching detailing as well as its unique prints. Each vintage pieces are vet thru for any holes, rips or missing buttons and stains which will then be clean, mend and restored to its former fame and glory, ready to be parade on the racks! Be the like of Rachel Zoe, Kate Moss and the Olsen twins, who are frequently spotted in their #vintageootd worthy outfit! Not only are vintage items one-off pieces, all of our unique pieces are made to standout, hence the style choice of these celebrities! Vintage fashion passed the test-of-time, where each item are made to last with a classic style and still remains relevant with every changing fashion trends. Wearing vintage is also about being green and supporting sustainable fashion. The undeniable quality of vintage pieces become heirloom items where mothers pass-down to daughters without ending in land field. As fashion trends come and go, vintage is here to stay as classy and elegant as ever! Follow DHV  on social media for your daily vintage fix and see you at one of our pop-ups or for your personalise styling appointment! Besides being available online, DHV vintage accessories is available at Ling Wu Le Salon at Chip Bee Garden.

About the Founder

Jasmine's passion for all thing vintage, started way back when she was growing up with her grandparents in their 70s home which consist of the typical teak wood furnitures , drinking from floral teacups and watching her grandmother sewing on the iconic Singer machine. One of her fondest memories include playing dress-up with her grandmother's costume jewellery! Having exposed from a tender age when, "things were made to last" Jasmine has since develop an eye for vintage. Upon graduating from LaSalle, Jasmine further her studies at London College of Fashion where she was exposed to the vintage fashion scene. Come weekend, Jasmine will be seen rummaging her way from one antique markets to another vintage fairs. Jasmine's passion and fascination for vintage continues upon returning to Singapore where the vintage fashion scene is rather limited and niche. Drawing inspirations from weekend finds at vintage fairs and musky smells, Dark Horse Vintage was established in 2012. What started off as pop-up stall, on 1st August 2015, DHV have a permanent brick and mortar along 31 Arab Street. After nearly 2 year with a shop-front presents, DHV then went online. There are a few big interesting plans up Jasmine's vintage sleeves now that DHV have moved online. Stay in tune for all the latest as Jasmine brings DHV up a notch with all her exciting plans and ideas!


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