Hello, and welcome!

Dark Horse Vintage is now online and blogging!

For those who have been following me, will be surprise to know that I have finally “upgraded” to the digital world despite being an old-soul at heart!

I took my sweetest time to setup the website and to start this blog, as the old-soul in me still prefer the “old-fashion’ way of meeting and greeting everyone from the store; where we would exchange styling tips and have fun trying outfits from different decades. Stories of the past, which usually starts with “when I was growing up” or “during my time”, were interesting and hilarious which usually end with a burst of laughter amount vintage like-minded fans.

And so to keep in tune with the fun vibes from the store, the blog shall remain light-hearted on all things vintage related; fashion and styling, some fun facts including vintage knows-hows and tips plus a few Victory rolls or two.

Stay tune for more Vintagetastic! Till the next posting!

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