5 must-know tips to find the perfect vintage fashion apparels


Does your wardrobe represent the bygone era? Are you obsessed with vintage stuff? Well, then there would be nothing as pleasurable as buying a real vintage outfit for you. By the word vintage, it means the cloth will have at least thirty years of existence in the world.

Even when window-shopping is your favorite past-time and you may spend hours hunting for the perfect apparels in the vintage shop in Singapore, you might find it difficult to find the real from fake ones. So how can you find real vintage outfit? There is no clear cut solution to differentiate both at a glance. However, here goes a few tips that would certainly help to find real vintage outfit.

  1. Do your research

Indeed, it is not so easy to pick the real clothes from the vintage market. And vintage clothing is not something that you can produce it as needed. You might have to step in to the shoes of a historian to find out the year of production to know how old the cloth is. You can look for the copyright year as well, on the tag attached with the apparel to know the year of manufacturing.

  1. Know the history

 A bit of knowledge from history text books will help you be a better decision maker in your vintage shop. The vintage apparel you find could be manufactured somewhere between 1920 and 1980. If you are a hardcore vintage lover, you must be aware of the styles prevalent in each decade in the century. You can definitely understand a cloth is fake if it is having 70’s print and a branded as 1930.

  1. Look for the cloth

Yes, the cloth says the story, and also the history. Whenever you get vintage apparel, make sure you feel the cloth which will make you understand the difference between contemporary cloth and the vintage material. Also certain fabric types were introduced in the industry during the latter half of the century. A common example is polyester type of cloth. Check the quality and type of the material before you fix to buy. Also the cloth may get a name change over the time. So understanding the history is always helpful to quench your vintage hunger.

  1. Materials tell the truth

Here’s another awesome trick to find out whether the cloth is really vintage or not. Check the zippers, buttons, etc to know the age of the apparel. Old zippers are normally made out of metal by which you can easily get an idea of its manufacturing. Moreover, plastic was not so common in the earlier half of the century. Apart from that, the location of zipper in earlier times was also different.

  1. Buy from authentic sellers

And another point is that it is always advisable to go with authentic sellers of vintage clothes. If you are a newbie vintage lover, take suggestions and reviews from your friends and relatives who have the same choice. No need to mention it is easy to get online reviews as well as information about the company or the seller by an online research these days.

However, the list is not complete. Sizes, price, stitching styles are also deciding factors of a vintage treasure. The best way to create your own vintage wardrobe is to travel around and keep hunting until you get the real stuff while enhancing your knowledge level on the topic.


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